TIKTOK Star Mr Faisu 07 Account was Suspended

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Yes, TikTok star Mr Faisu 07's account was suspended. He is a famous Tiktoker. He has 23 Million followers on tiktok. But, suddenly TikTok suspended his account.

Faisu recently cast a video on TikTok in which he promoting violence with his group (Team07). In that video he talked about Tabrez Ansari who was died in Jharkhand. He used some word in his support that "If his family would kill the people, then don't call the muslims a terrorist".

In such a way,he made a video which was a cause of violence. The video was deleted. But before deleting it had become viral. The people who Followed him, the anger had come to them. However, by saying it, violence has been promoted. The FIR was written against them.

credit: third party image reference

A lawsuit was filled against them under the IPC Section 153A and the number of friends who were in that video has been filled in the five lawsuit. So, this is a news of brooding.

credit: third party image reference

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