How many types of sensors used in our Mobile


Hi Friends Now let's learn how many types of sensors are available on our mobile. There are about 13 types of sensors in our mobile .But all the mobiles do not have to have all the sensors. Only some of the mobile phones will be given.The first of them

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accelometer sensor (accelometer):This sensor helps us to rotate the mobile screen. It turns out that when we turn on our mobile mobile screen,credit: third party image reference

gyroscope sensor (jyroscope):This sensor helps us to see videos in a 360 degree, when the vr headset is used, and when the turn of the games is played, it will be useful. This means that the sensor works around the screen to turn the screen third party image reference

ambiant light sensor (ambient light):This sensor increases auto brightness in mobile. Brightness decreases when in the sun. Growing in the darkness.

proximity sensor (proximity):This sensor is on every mobile. This sensor is located next to the front camera. This is the screen that locks the call when we call it to the ear. This sensor can be used without touching what's on the display when it's done.

magnetometer sensor (magnetometer):This sensor shown the direction like EAST ,WEST,NORTH, SOUTH .That is also known as the campus sensor.

barometer sensor (barometer):Weather sensations can be found through this sensor .That is the Weather Report

heart rate sensor (heart rate):You can find our heart rate through this sensor .It also comes with a smart watch rather than on mobile .It is under the back of the camera in some of ours .Here is our Heart Rate

pedometer sensor (pedometer):Through this sensor we can find out how many feet a night it is .It 's mostly seen in the smartwatch

blood oxygen sensor (blood oxygen):Through this sensor we can find oxygen levels in our blod .It does not provide it on all mobile.

ultra vilant sensor (ultra valiant):You can find out whether this sensor has ultra violets in end

air humidity sensor (air humidity):This sensor can help you find the moisture in the air .It does not even give in all mobile

thermo meter sensor (thermometer):This sensor we all know is how far fever is

finger print sensor (finger print):credit: third party image reference

This sensor is well known to all of us. This fingerprint is given to every mobile that comes now. Finger print lock works through this sensor.

These are mobile sensors for all of the friends .Yet they are not coming on mobile .That is the bar code sensor

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